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Would you want kids to be killable in Elder Scrolls 6? 

4 deviants said Of course, they should do what Fallout did, you kill a child you are forever labeled as on. It would result in less quests, rewards and if you keep doing it, guards always try to kill you.
2 deviants said No because I don't need be able to kill them. I just need them to shut the fuck up.
No deviants said I don't even want kids in Elder Scrolls 6. Kids is one feature Skyrim has that I wouldn't miss.


Feb 8, 2016
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Feb 6, 2016
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Jan 23, 2016
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Adopt a dragon

________________________________________ ___,d88`******__________________
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DRAGON PRIDE METER:███████████████ 100.0 % If your are proud to be a Dragon lover and an a sworn enemy of dragon slayers, stick this on your page and adopt a dragon!!!


Would you want kids to be killable in Elder Scrolls 6?
4 deviants said Of course, they should do what Fallout did, you kill a child you are forever labeled as on. It would result in less quests, rewards and if you keep doing it, guards always try to kill you.
2 deviants said No because I don't need be able to kill them. I just need them to shut the fuck up.
No deviants said I don't even want kids in Elder Scrolls 6. Kids is one feature Skyrim has that I wouldn't miss.
Skyrim Character Meme - Shigeru the Thalmor Slayer by humanofprey
Skyrim Character Meme - Shigeru the Thalmor Slayer
Blank template -…

Edit: Changed the biography as a part of a fanfic I'm working on. This fanfic gives me inspiration to draw space pictures such as this one -> [WIP]Zinus Planetary System by humanofprey

Biography: They say that black cats are omens of bad luck, but to Shigeru and his twin sister Shinderu, they realized that bad luck are attracted to them like a magnet. They were born in a caravan of Khajiit merchants in Skyrim in a difficult labor that claimed the life of their mother. But that was just the beginning. The children's lives changed when the caravan was plundered by bandits and the Khajiits merchants were killed in the process. The two managed to escape, but they needed to learn to survive in the cold climate of Skyrim. But their luck changed when a Nord couple who owned a farm near Whiterun found the twins sleeping together in a pile of straw near the barn. The Nord couple saw children as a blessing from the gods, since they can't have children of their own and decided to adopt them. The twins shared their days helping their parents with the day-to-day chores on the farm and playing with their new friends. One day, to everyone's surprise, Shinderu found out she was a magic user when she tried to defend her twin brother from a vicious dog and ended up burning the animal with a burst of fire. Her Nord father decided to take her under the tutelage of the court mage and old friend Farengar Secret-Fire until she comes of age and continue their studies at the College of Whinterhold. Although Shigeru lacked any trace of magic, he developed a passion for alchemy and bought books on the subject. Farengar states that Shigeru was supposed to wield magic just like his twin sister, but something inside him neutralizes the magicka flux inside his body. Farengar suspects that Shigeru is either cursed or has some kind of dormant hidden power within him. The twins also learned from their new parents the Nordic customs, such as the value of honor and the worship of Talos, the hero-God of humanity. The twins grew up and lived happily with their new family, but fate had other plans for them. One night, an unexpected visit slammed the door: Thalmor, elves agents of the Aldmeri Dominion whose objective is to hunt down anyone who worship Talos. The father of Shigeru and Shinderu quickly ordered both to hide in the basement. Then they heard screams and Shigeru, disobeying the orders of his father, said to his sister to stay in the basement and went to investigate and he was shocked to see his parents being tortured and killed. Fuelled by an insane rage, Shigeru roared high, unsheathed his claws and attacked the agents. Although he managed to shred the face of two agents, he was easily subdued and hit hard in the head, knocking him unconscious. Later on, he woke up in a cart headed for Helgen, with his hands tied and accompanied by other individuals. A horse thief called Lokir and a rebel group called Stormcloaks. Shigeru recognized the soldier who was driving the car as an Imperial soldier and soon he understood that he will die soon to be a heretic, since the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion are "partners".

They say all cats have nine lives and Shigeru realized this when his head was about to be beheaded by the executioner. A huge dragon with black body and red eyes stormed the fort and attacked everything and everyone ahead. Shigeru was rescued by an Imperial soldier named Hadvar and both escaped from the massacre at Helgen. During their way to Riverwood, Hadvar tried to convince Shigeru to join the Imperial Legion. Although Shigeru hates the Stormcloak due to their “Skyrim belongs to the Nords” motto and their anti-outsiders attitude, he can't join the Legion yet because he has other concerns to focus now: Go to Winterhold to be reunited with his missing sister and avenge the death of his adoptive parents, even if he had to send another Numidium to Summerset Isle in order to kill all Thalmor and crush the Aldmeri Dominion.

Without money and hunger for revenge, Shigeru took a dark path. Steal enough old enough not only to survive but to buy appropriate gear to hunt down the Thalmor. Shigeru quickly mastered the technique to pass unnoticed and pickpocket. His fingers were so fast that his victims did not even notice that their belongings were gone. One day in Riften, Shigeru chose the wrong prey: Brynjolf, the second-in-command of the Guild of Thieves. Brynjolf was admired by Shigeru's skills as a thief and told him he was watching the Khajiit through his contacts when he heard that someone was rivaling the Guild and decided to introduce the Khajiit to the family. Shigeru soon became a new member of the Thieves Guild after completing some tasks and once there he quickly learned to pick locks with Vex, mastered marksmanship with Niruim and sword techniques with Thrynn. Shigeru felt himself at home and saved all his money he earned to plot his revenge. Over time Shigeru realized that being a thief was a static and boring and decided to put some gas in his life. He heard about the Contractors, an organization whose members are specialized in many things: Bounty hunter, treasure hunter, beast slayer, undead slayer and so on. Shigeru headed for Fort Greymoor, the HQ of the Contractors, when a huge roar followed by smoke got his attention: A dragon attacked the fort and the Contractors' members were desperate because their leader, Malog Balwag, was trapped within the fort. Without thinking twice, Shigeru entered the fort and managed to save the leader. Malog and his men were impressed by the bravery of Shigeru, however the dragon attack killed three-quarters of the organization's men and all valuables within the fort were damaged beyond repair. Malog didn't have the necessary funds to repair the fort and recruit new members. Just as Malog was about to terminate the organization, Shigeru convinced him and the remaining members to not give up. The Khajiit made two promises to them: he swore to slay the dragon responsible for destroying the organization and to make a name for the Contractors again. The members thought the smoke damaged Shigeru's brain, but Malog saw determination in his eyes and decided to recruit him. From then on Shigeru led a double life with the Contractors and the Thieves Guild, rising in rank in both and weathering several crises.

Five months later, Shigeru finally made his preparations to travel to Whinterhold to meet with his sister Shinderu, hoping that she got the message he sent to her via courier. Once he arrived there, the Khajiit was caught by surprise when some kind of anomaly broke out from the College of Winterhold. Shigeru barely had time to ask the locals about what was going on when he spotted a Khajiit couple running toward him. The couple was in such a hurry that they did not see Shigeru and ran over him. When the female Khajiit was about to apologize, her heart stopped when she saw Shigeru  up-close. She was Shinderu. The twins burst in tears and hug each other tightly and once they finished, Shinderu introduced the male Khajiit to Shigeru. His name was Supairo, a skilled mage and a member of the House Telvanni. Supairo was adopted when he was a child by master Neloth when the Dunmer saw him fuelled with blind rage and pulverized a group of Reavers that murdered his parents with a lightning burst. Shigeru was happy when his sister said that Supairo is her mate and both will get married when Shigeru meet both in person because she wishes that her brother will be present. But the happiness of the trio was cut off by a loud noise from the College and the couple explained to Shigeru that Arcano, a Thalmor agent disguised as advisor for the Arch-Mage, claimed the Eye of Magnus, an artifact of immeasurable power and only the Staff of Magnus can counter the eye. Shigeru's blood boiled with hatred when he heard the word “Thalmor” and decided to help the couple out once his trap detection and lockpicking skill will be useful. Later on the trio managed to contain the eye and Shinderu soul-trapped Arcano inside a black soul gem. Once the dust was settled, Shigeru told his
twin sister about his connection with the Thieves Guild and the Contractors, as well as his deep hatred of the Thalmor and his quest to avenge their adopted parents. To his surprise, Shinderu told him that he has her support and asked Supairo to give him some better gear. He gladly accepted and enchanted Shigeru´s armor with the power to resist the magic the Thalmor wield as well as an enchanted necklace and ring to make Shigeru more hard to detect. Supairo also enchanted Shigeru's weapons to soul trap the Thalmors in black soul gems. When Shigeru is not working, he hunts down Thalmor thanks to the help of his eagle, Griever, that manages to track down Thalmor Justiciars and he proudly displays on a belt black soul gems filled with the souls of Thalmor Justiciars.

Thanks to Shigeru's deeds as a Contractor, the organization is slowly getting on its feet and as a result, even Jarls are hiring the Contractors. One day Shigeru was hired by Jarl Balgruuf to recover a dragon stone from an old Nordic ruin. When Shigeru returned with the stone, the same dragon that attacked Fort Greymoor is now attacking the watch tower west of Whiterun. During the fight, the hidden power within Shigeru that Farengar mentioned years ago finally awoke and established him as the Dragonborn, an individual born with dragon blood running through his veins. With his new power, Shigeru fulfilled his promise and managed to make a name for the Contractors again thanks to people hiring him to deal with dragons at a specific location. Even Shinderu is hiring Shigeru to find rare books and tomes of arcane knowledge that was written by Shalindor and as a reward she offers enchanting services for the Contractors.

With his rising fame, Shigeru was hired by Isran of the Dawnguard to deal with the growing vampire menace. The Khajiit silently slayed them without the authorities noticing his activities, until he took the head of Harkon.

During that time Shigeru had been building his nest and hideout at Proudspire Manor, where he could rest and plan future missions. The manor was a reward from Jarl Elisif as a way to thank the Khajiit Dragonborn for have prevented the resurrection of the Wolf Queen Potema.

However his dragon blood would not grant him peace too soon, as he was targeted by a lunatic called Miraak, the first Dragonborn, from Solstheim. Shigeru took up arms, overcame the madman and absorbed his soul. With the power from Miraak's soul, Shigeru became even more powerful to nail the coffin of the Thalmor, however he realized that he could no longer allow the dragons to run rampant. He put aside his hatred for the Thalmor for now and sets out for one last dragon hunting, for the greatest quarry of all: Alduin, the World-Eater.

P.S: Shinderu means Cynder in Japanese and Supairo is Spyro, both characters from "The Legend of Spyro" trilogy.

May your road lead you to warm sands by humanofprey
May your road lead you to warm sands
Picture used -> black cat on white snow by two-ladies-stocks

Magrus, Azurah, Riddle'thar, S'rendarr, Rajhin, Alkosh. Divines, make my art block disappear!!!

Anyway, meet Shaazirr, an Alfiq Khajiit walking on the rash land of Skyrim and missing the good old days when he used to eat moon sugar on the warm sands of his homeland, Elsweyr. I really hope the next Elder Scrolls will take place on Elsweyr, meeting my favorite race would be beyond awesome :)

Be well and may your road lead you to warm sands!!!

[Please read] High caliber artist For Dummies

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 3, 2013, 5:52 PM
You, I and all the people who admire arts made by artists of high caliber ever told once "I wanted to draw as good as he/she". But some words go out of our lips such as "this guy has a natural skills for drawing," or "I try to draw but my drawings are crap. I would love to be born with the gift to draw." I have no natural ability to draw so I have to get the talent through the hard way. I confess that I lost count of how many times I filled my trash with paper by my numerous attempts to get the "perfect drawing" and as a consequence I cursed myself for not having the same skills of Leonardo Da Vinci or Tom Isaksen. I thought a lot about this whole "natural ability versus dedication" thing until I visited a Brazilian site that talked about this subject. I felt like a triumphant dragon after sweeping the floor with a thousand dragon slayers with one fire breath after I read the article. It had all the answers I was looking for. Please, pull up a chair and read the italic text below and you will find out if a good artist is made of natural ability or dedication? (credits belongs to the unknown author of the article).


Gift is talent, vocation or gift is also the name given to artistic skills. Thus, it is claimed that such person has talent for music, or talent for culinary, or even talent to deal with children, for example.

The connotation of talent with human skills has its origin in a biblical scripture (Matthew 25:14-30), where Jesus Christ used the "parable of the talents" to explain to his disciples the importance of being faithful and take care of the obligations issued by God, during his absence. According to the parable, some servants received different amount of gold from their master, each one according to his own talent, and without knowing what would happen, they were called to settle up with him some time later. Those who received larger amounts of talents, worked with them, generating profit. The one who received only one talent, afraid of the severity of his master, preferred to dug a hole in the ground and hid his master's money, only to be reprimanded by him on the day of reckoning. In the "parable of the talents," we get an idea of what God expects us to do here on Earth. We're all given talents, some great and some small--but whether your talent is epic or miniscule, we glorify God when we use it to further his kingdom. God isn't rating His followers based on the number of converts they win over or the number of church pews they fill; He's interested in the passion with which we use whatever gifts he has given us.

Currently, we use the term "gift" to designate the innate abilities of an individual, or a natural ability to perform certain activities. Another meaning of the term is the extraordinary ability that some people have to perform daily activities, to the point of deserving special honor.

Current scholars argue that even considered innate abilities can be developed if there is motivation and the application of appropriate techniques. Thus, any person who is, for example, potentially able to learn music, provided he/she has the will and use the proper techniques to the study of music.


Dedication is the ability to work hard to the achievement of a goal.

Do you know anyone who had advanced in his/her career without working at least twelve hours a day in the early years? Do you know anyone who could make his/her dream come true without sacrificing holidays and Sundays at least a hundred times?

Success is built at night! During the day you do what we all do. But to achieve a different result from everybody else, you have to be special. If you act like everyone else, you will get the same results.

Do not compare yourself to most people because they are not role models. We are equal before God and we have the same DNA template before the science.

If you want to achieve a particular goal, you have to study while the others are having beer and chips. You will have to plan, while the others are watching TV. You will have to work while the others sunbathe by the pool.

Making a dream coming true depends on the dedication. A lot of people expect their dream coming true by magic. But all magics are illusions. The illusion does not move anyone from the place he/she is. Illusion is fuel for losers.

Even then if you want to be an artist!! MOVE YOUR ASS AND WORK HARD BECAUSE EVEN THAT YOU WERE NOT BORN WITH A GIFT IN POTENTIAL, WITH A TRUE DEDICATION ... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! And feel free to copy and paste this italic text because more people need this morality boost!!


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:bulletred:NASA New Horizons (Pluto/Kuiper Belt objects mission):bulletred:

Current event: After 9 years of journey and 5 billions kilometers traveled, the wait is over. Pluto is ours!!!

Learn more here

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Do you know what is copyright? No?
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